Chicco Toys Play ‘N Ride Train Review

by admin on December 25, 2011

Sit and stand toys are some of the most popular toys that parents buy, as they can be a great way to train the muscles of the infant learning to walk.

The Chicco Play and Ride Train is a great option for parents as it can be transitioned for children that are sitting, and able to propel themselves and infants learning to walk as they can use the back of the train as a standing guide, eventually, the child can push along the Play and Ride train to take those first steps. The versatile back rest is strong enough to enforce the weight of the child while sitting, as well as a strong way to gain the confidence needed to take those first steps.

Chicco Toys Play N Ride Train

The Play and Ride train is created from bright and bold colors through the design, to provide stimulation as a toy – making it more than a walking device. Bouncing balls inside the steering wheel once the button is pushed, squeaking noises and spinning wheels create an experience that is going to entertain the child and encourage them to engage with the Play and Ride Train.

Since the train can be used for children up to thirty-six inches tall, it can be simple to buy the toy as the child is an infant, allowing the child to learn to navigate and walk with the train – and then using the train as a ride on toy in their imaginary play sessions.

Chicco Toys Play N Ride Train

The train is a great choice for children that are learning to walk and parents that would like to encourage the walking behavior and movements but also for parents that are looking to buy without breaking the budget.

Parents can choose the Chicco DJ Play and Ride train for the toy stimulation that comes from the features and the ability for the infant and toddler to use the back rest, the sitting position and the push-train to learn those crucial skills that are going to encourage the infant to walk sooner.

Chicco Toys Play N Ride Train

Available for just over $50, the baby walker can be purchased through online marketplaces, or through your local retail store offering a large selection of baby items from Chicco.

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